China’s zero-Covid policy has been bringing huge profits to the nucleic acid testing industry. A few days ago, Beijing detected fraudulent nucleic acid testing sites and arrested some relevant people.

As China’s state media reported on May 21, the Fangshan District Health Commission in Beijing revoked the operation license of the Pu Shi Medical Laboratory Company.

On May 14, the local supervisors found that the number of samples tested by the laboratory was smaller than the number of samples collected. The city’s market supervision department has filed a case of investigation.

The Beijing police took criminal coercive measures against six people. They include a man surnamed Zhou, 38 years old, the actual owner of the laboratory, the legal representative surnamed Wu, 37 years old, and 4 others.

China is doubling down its efforts for a swift clearance of Covid pandemic. And more companies have joined the nucleic acid testing industry to compete for high profits.

Recently, Shanghai also found fraudulent nucleic acid testing. A company called Zhongke Runda was revealed to have produced multiple “false positives.” The case forced the authorities to announce an investigation.

The incident in Beijing sparks public outrage and quickly become the top search lists on Baidu and Sina Weibo.

A netizen commented that many samples in this testing laboratory have not been tested at all, but they got certificates of negative results. Now there still must be many new cases in Fangshan.

Another said that these tests of non-standards are now emerging one after another. It is difficult to make money in China, and the desire for profit is inciting people.

A netizen wrote that he had to test every day at school after May 1, but because of this laboratory, his half a month of nucleic acid testing was done in vain.

A person wrote: “There is a false positive in Shanghai, and a full negative in Beijing, tormenting the common people.”

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