Beijing announced on September 22 that it had arrested Du Yingzhe , principal of acting academy Yingluzhantai.

Du has been inundated with sexual allegations since one of his former students came out about him on September 19. The 40-year-old was accused of harassing, grooming, and raping students while boasting that he was “the godfather of the film industry.”

As the Guardian reported, as of September 20, at least 16 other former students, a former colleague, and a former classmate have spoken against Du. 

One of the most shocking allegations was that Du impregnated a 17-year-old, and she dropped out of school. According to the victims, his misconduct began as early as 2007 when he founded Yingluzhantai. He has targeted countless female students over the past 15 years.

A Beijing police statement states it is investigating the matter following Du’s arrest.

Li Sige , a former film and television art examination candidate, told mainland media that many in the art industry had heard rumors about Du. Students who resist him are threatened with not being admitted to the institution, whereas those exposing him are ridiculed, isolated, and bullied.

Shi Ziyi , the first person to expose Du, said on social media that someone had called her mother and pressured her to delete the posts against Du. 

Shi wrote, “If I did not delete the article, I would be held criminally responsible.”

Responding to the allegations, Du said there have been exaggerated and false accusations against him. He added, “I still hope that the students can believe that my original intention is not bad, and my heart in teaching is true.”

Du’s unremorseful attitude only stirred more uproar. One user pointed out, “The whole text is shirking responsibilities and dodging the real topic. He also fakes apologies.”

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