A delivery worker in China was dumbfounded when he received a strange order from a customer. So naturally, he did not dare to take the order.

According to Apollo News, a few days ago, in Beijing, a delivery man shared the strange order he received through a live broadcast. 

The customer asked the courier to go to the local crematorium and bow in front of a specific place in exchange for “five-day wages.”

The delivery man shared the delivery note, which pointed to the Chaoyang Gou crematorium.

The note said: “Enter the door of the crematorium, go up to the second floor and stay on the third one from the left, bow deeply, and then help me buy something, there will be heavy thanks.”

That is to say; in addition to asking the delivery man to buy something, the customer also wanted him to bow to the crematorium for everyone to see. It means that the delivery man would express mourning on behalf of the client.

The delivery man has never received this kind of order. He was shocked and immediately responded, “Brother, I can’t do this. I don’t dare to take it. I can buy things on behalf of others, but can’t help at such a request as bowing.”

Unexpectedly, the customer did not give up, asking the delivery man how much he could earn in a day. Finally, the customer said he could pay five days of wages so that he could relax a little.

The customer said, “It is not convenient for me to go, so I can only ask you for help.”

But the delivery man finally refused, “This is really impossible.”

Such a case has sparked discussions among netizens.

One commented: “I’ve never seen this kind of thing before.”

Another said: “How embarrassing it is to say that. It is embarrassing.”

However, some netizens pointed out that there are people in society who can entrust part of the ceremony to others.

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