The Covid epidemic in China’s capital Beijing is becoming more serious by the day. 

The recent outbreak that stemmed from a bar in the business center Chaoyang District has spread to the “Xicheng District,” which is the power center of the Chinese government. For now, two famous scenic spots in Beijing, namely “Shichahai” and “Huguo Temple Snack Street,” have all been closed down.

The Covid outbreak at Heaven Supermarket bar in Chaoyang District, Beijing, has continued to spread around the city. 

According to the city’s health authorities, as of Wednesday afternoon, June 14, there have been 327 cases related to the cluster outbreak in Heaven Supermarket bar.

The alarming spread has caused a surge of cases in at least 14 administrative regions and economic development zones in the capital.

On Thursday, local Beijingers told Chinese media Da Ji Yuan that the authorities have sealed off the entire area, including Huguo Snack Street and Shichahai.

HuguoTemple Street is an ancient commercial street with a history spanning over 800 years since it was first formed in the Yuan Dynasty. It is now one of Beijing’s most famous commercial streets, especially for its rich food choices.

Yu Ming is the manager of a hotel on Huguo Temple Street. She told reporters that the area around Huguo Temple Street had been blocked, and officials had set up many checkpoints in the surrounding areas to restrict movement.

She said, “[The hotel] is not open to the public now. Now all the people in our hotel are epidemic prevention workers. [The epidemic’s] very serious now.”

Yu Ming also said that even after July 1, Beijing would not be able to open for business fully.

And the famous Huguo Temple Snack Street has now been closed.

A Beijing Huguo Temple Snack Bar waitress said: “This street is basically closed. On that street, there are staff dormitories and bartenders from (Heaven Supermarket bar) live there. Anyway, there are confirmed cases in that street. The whole area is all locked down now.”

Meanwhile, the entire Shichahai scenic spot and the Beihai Park area were also closed. 

Some residents told reporters that one case discovered in a restaurant had caused the closure. Shichahai is a historic scenic area consisting of three lakes north of central Beijing. They are located directly northwest of the Forbidden City and north of the Beihai Lake. Shichahai comprises three lakes: Qianhai, Xihai, and Houhai. In imperial times, it was called the Riverbank.

Li Zi, a resident of Houhai, Beijing, said: “Only one person, just one person.” The main cases come from the bar in Chaoyang, and the entire Shichahai scenic spot, Drum Tower scenic spot, and Beihai Park are not open. The whole area is closed.”

Li Zi also said there were more than ten buses in the Houhai area of ​​Shichahai, ready to take people to quarantine sites. But he also noted that people from that bar went everywhere in Beijing, not only in Shichahai.

Li Zi added: “The whole place has been closed, and many places have been locked down.” Sanlitun has been closed. “

For now, the epidemic from Heaven Supermarket bar is still spreading. Beijing has also added three new areas with medium risk.

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