Under China’s ‘zero COVID’ policy, strict lockdowns were imposed on millions of Chinese residents in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities. The policy also requires people to undergo countless rounds of COVID tests. 

Recently, scuffles allegedly broke out between Beijing’s public security officer and the town management staff. 

Netizens who broke the news said that the town management staff were responsible for COVID epidemic prevention. One of the staff refused to let the police officer pass. The police did not take the COVID tests for many days and couldn’t provide a nucleic acid certificate. The police said the town management person was obstructing him from doing his duties, so he got out of the car and handcuffed him.

A video shows the police violently trying to handcuff the man wearing a uniform with the words “Changyang Town Management” printed on it. The staff member was finally pinned down to the ground.

On June 30, the incident was later confirmed by the Fangshan Public Security Bureau of Beijing. Accordingly, a public security officer from the Guangyang Police Station under its jurisdiction got into a fight with an epidemic prevention staff member at a village in Changyang Town on the 28th. 

Fangshan Public Security Bureau added that the police officer involved had been suspended from duty. The incident is now under further investigation.

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