On Wednesday, May 4, The Guardian reported that China is holding “stress tests” on a hypothetical situation if it is hit with Western sanctions the same as those used against Russia.

A source familiar with the matter told the outlet, “Those involved in this exercise use how Russia was treated as a baseline for China’s own policy response should it be treated in a same fashion by the west. This stress test involves a range of methodology, including modeling.”

According to the source, the test was conducted around late February and early March. It involved several critical Chinese government agencies, including those connected to international trade and banking.

Beijing told the agencies to determine proper responses to potential Russia-like embargoes.

Another source also disclosed that Chinese officials have met with specialists to assess the Ukraine conflict’s course.

Although China did not specify the purpose of the exercise, its timing coincides with the time Western nations started slamming Moscow with financial penalties for its Ukraine invasion.

Late last week, the Financial Times reported that China on April 22, met with banks to talk about ways of securing its overseas assets. It was based on the scenario of it attacking Taiwan and therefore subjected to Russian-style sanctions from Western nations.

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