Beijing’s government, on Friday, April 29, put restrictions in some places all over the city.

Accordingly, apartment blocks are sealed off. Public places, including movie theaters, gyms, and shopping malls, are also shut down.

As the New York Times reported, around the city on Friday, at least 60 buildings and many other areas are under control.

May 1 is China’s Labor Day. During the five-day break, officials in Beijing advise citizens to cancel any non-essential trips. It’s because of the risk of the virus spreading.

The local government will ask Beijing’s residents for proof of a nucleic acid test within seven days. These test results will allow people to go to public places or pick up a bus.

China’s capital has had more than 200 cases since April 22. The government hasn’t changed its policy of ZERO-COVID rather than living with it.

This week, Beijing ordered all of its nearly 22 million citizens to test for COVID three times.

Meanwhile, Shanghai enters its sixth week of the COVID lockdown. Authorities have recently erected metal fencing around apartments to keep people from getting out.

Hong Kong-based Gavekal Dragonomics reported that 44 of China’s top 100 cities by GDP are under lockdown. One-third of China’s GDP comes from these places.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai municipal government has approved over 600 businesses to get back to work. Notably, most of the city was closed down because of Omicron flare-ups.

China’s zero-Covid strategy sparks public anger over time. However, Li Bin, the National Health Commission deputy director on April 29, praised its zero-COVID strategy as a “magic weapon.”

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