John Lee, a Beijing loyalist, was elected to be the next leader of Hong Kong on May 8. Lee was the only candidate in the election, winning 99% of the votes. He won 1,416 votes in the pro-Beijing committee.

Following Lee’s victory, Zhong Jianhua, Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute’s former deputy chief executive, criticized the newly elected candidate and the election. He called it a “Chinese-style fake election.”

According to Zhong, Lee’s campaign was held in a closed and sealed venue. Only invited people and the media were allowed to enter this restricted area. This is entirely different from the 2017 Chief Executive Election.

In fact, Lee did not need to call on electors to vote for him. It’s because around 1,500 committee members are nearly all pro-Beijing loyalists.

Zhong supposed that Lee’s election campaign was not called an election conference but an “acting conference.” The election is merely staged.

According to Zhong, the overwhelming victory of Lee only makes Hong Kong residents feel the chief executive election under the new electoral system is fake and disgusting.

BBC reported that the League of Social Democrats, one of the only pro-democracy groups left in Hong Kong, organized a protest before polls opened. The protest attracted around 5,000 spontaneous participants. They carried a banner showing, “Human rights overpower, the people are greater than the country.”

The Associated Press cited critics, saying the freedom of speech and assembly in Hong Kong has disappeared due to Beijing’s strict control over the city.

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