Beijing pro-democracy activist dissident Zhai Yanmin posted on Twitter on May 27 about the arrest of Hubei dissident Chen Jianxiong. Papers show that the Tongcheng County Procuratorate arrested the dissident on May 18, 2022.

Chen was accused on charges of picking quarrels and provoking trouble – a catch-all charge favored by the Chinese regime to muzzle human rights activists and dissidents. Chen is now detained in the Chibi City Detention Center.

In May 2013, Chen and four other Chinese citizens launched the “Bright China Tour” campaign in Chibi City, Hubei province. They publicly promoted the idea of democracy in the local People’s Square. Chen Jianxiong has since become the target of the local government.

Overseas Chinese media speculates that Chen’s arrest happens because of the imminence of the June 4th Incident. The local government had to take Chen into custody in advance to maintain the so-called social stability. 

The speculation comes in line with recent Bloomberg’s exclusive reveal. Within May, many student protests took place in different universities in Beijing. On May 27, Bloomberg cited an anonymous source saying the Chinese government had ordered universities and local government officials to meet students’ demands quickly. The move came as the regime feared unspecified “enemies” might link these protests to the Tiananmen Square Massacre and discredit the communist party’s leadership.

Zhang Xianling, 85, is one of the founders of the pro-democracy group Tiananmen Mothers. The group is founded by parents, friends, and relatives of the victims of the June 4h Massacre. The Chinese regime has constantly monitored the groups’ activities and its key members, especially on June 4th every year. However, the Tiananmen Mothers’ founder told RFA that this year’s surveillance methods were different and more stringent than previous years. 

She said that she could answer interviews from overseas via phone call in the past few years, but this year she could not. The same situation happens to other members of the group.

She said it was tough to find justice for her deceased son but would not give up because of the regime’s suppression.

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