After a three-year hiatus, on November 6, Beijing held a large-scale marathon in Tiananmen Square with 30,000 participants.

The shared videos show the massive crowd participating. Some of the participants wore masks, while some did not. When the competition started, many people took off their masks to run.

However, unfortunately, on that same afternoon, Beijing announced that from midnight to 3 pm, it had detected 30 cases positive for COVID-19.

Therefore, marathon participants, including runners and those in close contact with athletes, are subject to a government investigation following the “zero-COVID” policy.

According to Sound of Hope, many residents said that those who participated in this marathon would have to report information to the authorities through a hotline.

Up to now, the CCP has shown no sign of easing or ending its “zero-COVID” policy based on nucleic acid testing and lockdown.

Although this policy has been in place since the outbreak in 2019, the CCP has yet to achieve “zero-COVID”. The pandemic continues to break out in localities.

While no benefits have been seen, the policy has crippled China’s economy.

Up to now, the CCP has never clearly explained the benefits of the policy, which has been condemned as too harsh and has no practical effect.

The CCP also is not explaining why China must definitely pursue “zero-COVID” policy pandemic measures while the rest of the world has long abandoned them.

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