According to Tianjin city’s announcement, residents must stay at home from 19:00 May 27. They are forced to undertake nucleic acid tests, and their movements are restricted to within designated locations for the test. 

Citing Tianjin’s residents, NTD News reported that the authorities closed the city in disguise.

As for the test, a video showing chaos in Hebei District, Tianjin has triggered residents’ frustration. 

In the video, several unwrapped test swabs are placed on the table, ready for testing. A woman asks the medical staff why the cotton swab package was open before the test was conducted, and she declines to take the test using that type of cotton swab. 

The staff ignored her question and interrupted, saying, “What’s the matter with you?”

The medical staff says that the community unwrapped the swabs and told her to go to the community. 

In another video, the woman arrives at Tianjin’s District’s community headquarters to seek an explanation. 

A red coat worker loudly told her that the doctor said it was okay to unwrap the cotton swab package four hours in advance. The officer also threatens to sue her if she posts the video.

Several other workers in red coats also criticized her. The room descends into chaos, and some even hold up their mobile phones to videotape her. Then, they push her outside and close the office door. 

Later, the woman’s video is deleted from Weibo. 

In Beijing, the epidemic-control measures remain intense. Some police officers have hammered on doors at midnight to drag citizens away from their homes, and their actions have caused backlash from the residents.

In the video, the residents criticize these officers for smashing the door at midnight without producing any documented notification. They say that these officers’ behavior has caused them to feel horrified and woke their children from a deep sleep. They finally refuse to leave their home, saying that the order is not based on laws or regulations. 

Mass testing has become the nexus of China’s strict zero-Covid pandemic approach. Such intense testing demands assistance from a slew of commercial diagnostic companies.

Within a week, three third-party cooperative testing institutions were investigated. Lab workers were suspected of violating the diluting procedures to seek illegal economic benefits.

According to Sina, Beijing Jinzhun Medical Laboratory was filed for investigation on May 27. Seventeen people in the lab, including the legal representative Wang Moumou, have been arrested. On the same day, Yang Daqing, deputy director of the Fangshan District Health Committee, Jin Changhao, chief of the medical and political department, and Xing Man, the third-level chief member of the medical and political department, were investigated. They are accused of severe violations of discipline and law during the supervision and management of the Medical Laboratory.

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