After CCP rapidly eased its zero–Covid measures, Covid cases surged, infecting even healthcare workers on a large scale. Sohu reported on December 13 that in this new wave of infections, the medical staff kept working with illness. 

According to Da Ji Yuan’s report on December 15, a department director of a Beijing hospital said that 70% of the doctors and nurses in his department had been infected. Some of them were on duty with sickness.

He added that the hospital operation had been affected due to the home isolation of medical staff and employee reduction. Besides, the patients in his department are all critically ill. Some inpatient departments are already suffering medicine shortages since fever cases increased, overflowing fever clinics.

Several doctors said they were mentally prepared for a worst-case scenario in which potentially positive physicians would have to return to work.

China Philanthropist Magazine, a subsidiary of China News Agency, reported on December 14 that after “New 10 Rules”, the number of hospital admissions had increased rapidly, and the shortage of medical resources had become more and more serious. With many medical workers infected, high-level executives ordered medical professionals to not go to the front line for minor injuries. Those with mild symptoms had to work with a positive status. Otherwise, many departments in the hospital would have to close down.

A notice posted on the pharmacy window of Beijing Haidian Hospital went viral on social platforms. It reads, “All pharmacists are on duty with illness, please be tolerant.”

According to Deutsche Welle, Mike Ryan, head of WHO’s emergency program, said the explosive growth of cases in China is not due to the Covid policy easing. It is because the prevention and control measures themselves did not prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department at Huashan Hospital, affiliated with Fudan University in Shanghai, recently said at an internal meeting that the peak of the outbreak could come within a month and that it could take three to six months to get through the outbreak overall.Feng Zijian, former deputy director of the Chinese CDC, also said in a special report on December 6 that when the first wave of large-scale impact reached its peak, 80 to 90 percent of the population may eventually experience infection. Moreover, the wave of infections will not end all at once, and the pressure on healthcare workers may continue for some time.

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