The CCP’s 20th National Congress is approaching, and authorities have begun strengthening control. For example, on September 15, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice on strengthening the management of “low, slow, small” aircraft in Beijing, according to the Capital Internet Police.

The notice requires that from that day to November 1, 2022, units, organizations, and individuals in the administrative region of Beijing are prohibited from using “low, slow, small” aircraft to conduct unapproved flight operations and hot air balloon operations.

The announcement said that low, slow, small aircraft are aircraft with low flight altitude, slow flight speed, and small radar reflectivity, mainly consisting of light and ultralight aircraft and drones, gliders, powered paragliders, manned hot air balloons, model airplanes—12 types in total. The notice warns that, if violating, the police will coordinate with the army, civil aviation, and relevant departments to investigate and strictly handle it. Furthermore, if the act constitutes a crime, it will be prosecuted in compliance with the law.

Sound of Hope cited several netizens’ comments on Weibo, with a netizen mocking: “I wonder what they are afraid of?.” Another said this is a “routine activity, and no-fly zones will only get bigger and more ostentatious as important events occur.” The netizen also attached a map and said that during a meeting held five years ago, all flights within a radius of 200km from Beijing were banned, involving the Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shanxi areas.

Before Beijing’s announcement, The Epoch Times reported that Langfang city officials stated that from September 8 to November 17, the “low, slow, small” aircraft were prohibited from performing unapproved flight activities. In addition, Chengde city officially announced on August 31 that, from September 1 to November 16, it is strictly forbidden for all units, organizations, and individuals to carry out “low, slow, small” flying activities without approval.

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