According to Chinese media Science and Technology Life News, on July 25, a video of a Beijing man paddling a kayak to work caught people’s attention.

Mr. Yang, who lives in Chaoyang District, is an outdoor sports enthusiast. 

In the video posted on social media recently, Mr. Yang beats traffic jams by paddling his inflatable kayak to work.

This idea came after he faced traffic jams after work. 

The Beijing man told media Traffic News that it generally took him about two hours to pack up the kayak and paddle on the water. And that even though this way of travel often takes more time than the usual method, he said he felt so good. Kayaking gives him a different feeling than driving or taking public transportation.

Mr. Yang added that he paddled from Dongzhimen to Andingmen. The kayak weighs roughly 8 kilograms. He often stores it in his backpack after arriving at his destination.

Regarding kayaking in the river, he checked out the regulations, and according to his understanding, such water activities are not prohibited in this region.

Some netizens describe Mr. Yang’s action as a waste of time since it only takes ten minutes to ride a bike from Dongzhimen to Andingmen.

Others ridicule, saying they only need 40 minutes to get to work from Dongzhimen to Andingmen. And that using the subway only takes 7 minutes.

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