The white paper movement extended to many places, with the participation of students from more than 100 universities. Then, the demonstrations stopped with repression and arrests. In turn, the schools that received direction from the CCP developed intimidating policies for dealing with students.

On November 29, some universities announced students would leave school to return home early.

Recently, Nanjing College of Communication announced that all students’ cell phones are monitored, and the school said December will become more sensitive for students.

Twitter user @whyyoutouzhele mentioned a student at Nanjing Media Academy who shared notices warning students at the school.

He mentioned that all groups of more than three people who publish sensitive information would be monitored. Students are asked to “be cautious before speaking, and don’t talk nonsense when they are interviewed outside,” They were even threatened that “an accident will delay your lives.”

In addition, students are also asked not to “go over the wall,” mentioning that “December is more sensitive, and the school is always monitoring.”

The school counselor also reminded students, “your mobile phones are monitored in our background. We can see the messages you send and the things you delete.” It was also revealed that there are police stationed in the school.Other students said, “The fact that Nanjing Media College was monitored is true, and the records of their dormitory group chats can be repeated word for word.”

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