BBC journalist Ed Lawrence was arrested and beaten by Chinese police at the scene of a Shanghai protest on Sunday night, November 27.

After several hours Lawrence was released, and he tweeted to recount his experience. According to the Sound of Hope, he said that at least one local tried to stop the police from hitting and kicking him, and was arrested for it. A woman at the protest who was arrested and brought alongside Lawrence told him, “You were taken away last night. I’m sorry, are you okay?”

A Shanghai resident by the name of Chen, who participated in the Urumqi street protest on the evening of November 27, was also arrested.

The Shanghai resident then told RFA that after 5 p.m., there were already more than 200 uniformed police officers at the scene. The police suddenly rushed into the crowd and forced people into a bus. From about 5:30 p.m., 1 to 2 people were arrested every 10 minutes, and most of those detained were women. Chen recalled he saw a girl even being “hung upside down” by more than a dozen policemen and detained in a police car.

One young man at the scene became overwrought with emotion when he saw the police arresting people and said, “I used to be a soldier. I used to be one of them. They also taught us to be patriotic and love the Party, but these Party members suppressed our people.”

When the “white paper revolution” began in China, the people of Shanghai were the first to shout political slogans demanding the CCP’s resignation. The protest has now become the focus of people from all walks of life inside China and across the globe.

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