A netizen posted a question on Zhihu—a Quora-like question-and-answer platform in China. The question is “Why does it always feel like the end of the world lately? Do you guys have this feeling too?”

As of writing, the question has attracted nearly 2,500 followers, more than 4 million views, and 407 answers.

A banker in Sichuan posted his answer on June 26. It has received more than 10 thousand likes due to his description of the current economic recession from his perspective. He wonders how depositors overcome this economic pressure, which is like the world’s end.

He says “Yes” to the given question and confirms that he has been nervous recently. He has transferred to an important position in the bank this year, responsible for loan approval. At first, he thought his main task was to control risks, but it was not. He has to deal with various fields, such as inspections, report writing, consultations, loan reviewing, and historical problem-solving. The overload of work has pushed him to always be busy and rushed.

If there is something wrong with the written report, he will be interviewed within minutes by the executives. This experience makes him fall into a cold sweat. The recent incident in rural banks has triggered a major investigation in the banking industry. Although his bank is unrelated, it is hard to imagine what would happen to banks and depositors facing oncoming thunderstorms in the banking industry.

He went out to investigate the loan a few days ago. The collateral was a shop located in a commercial complex. The first floor is a cheap supermarket, while there are no merchants on the second, third, and fourth floors. There were no traces of decoration on the pavement, some doors were not locked, and the ground is covered in dust. Under the bright sunlight at 3 pm, it looks like a ghost building.

When he walks out to the street, everything seems normal, but he can feel fear coming from the unknown.

Most of the responses share a similar sense of the current situation and foreboding about the future. 

Another netizen even posted a cartoon picture to illustrate that common feeling. 

“This is the end of the world”


“So fantastic!”

It has received 390 likes.

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