Bang! Loud noises heard in some places in China, reasons unknown 

On October 24 and 25, loud noises could be heard in Fuyang, Anhui. Authorities stated that the incident is now under investigation, ruling out the possibility of earthquakes. 

Besides, many residents in Kaifeng, Henan Province, also witnessed the same loud noises on the evening of October 25.

The Kaifeng Emergency Management Bureau of Henan province subsequently confirmed that the loud noise in the Kaifeng urban area occurred around 6:30 pm. However, no incident report was issued or received at that time.

On October 26, many videos capturing the alleged loud noises appeared on the Internet in various locations in mainland China.

According to “New Yellow River” of the Jinan Daily Newspaper Group, a resident of Fuyang was in his car when he abruptly heard a loud noise on the afternoon of October 24. Even the car shook.

Another Fuyang resident stated that in addition to the loud noise he heard at around 6:30 pm on October 24, he also heard another loud noise the next day.

Many videos posted on the Internet show that many residents of Fuyang City didn’t know what was happening. The dogs even didn’t stop barking.

After that, dozens of fire trucks were dispatched.

Loud noises from Henan and Anhui also became hot topics on Chinese social media sites. Many netizens demanded official explanations for the “bang.”

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