As Jimu News reported on July 5, an online video shows a small plane caught fire crashing in Taicang city, Jiangsu province. According to witnesses at the scene, two people were on board when the small plane crashed. The incident happened roughly two minutes after takeoff. 

In the video, two injured people were lying on the ground nearby. [Video]

Mr. Liu (pseudonym), a resident of Power Station Village in Taicang City, told Jimu News reporters that the plane took off from the village at around 2:00 p.m. and crashed minutes later.

As soon as he arrived at the site, Mr. Liu noticed that the plane was on fire. There was a pilot and a passenger aboard the plane at the time. Mr. Liu thought that the pilot was in his 30s. Some of the victims’ distraught family members also showed up at the scene.

He said that the local weather on that day was fine. Mr. Liu noted that the crashed plane was a sightseeing plane. According to Mr. Liu, each sightseeing flight costs roughly $75 (500 yuan) for a duration of five minutes or up to several thousand yuan for 20 minutes.

Since the beginning of this year, China has experienced many aviation incidents.

On June 9, a J-7 aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force crashed into houses in Xiangyang, central China’s Hubei Province, when it was on a training mission. 

The incident triggered an explosion, killing one person.

On June 9,  China Southern Airlines flight CZ3488 from Lijiang to Guangzhou made a loud noise when it was preparing to take off. The flight was delayed for almost 8 hours before continuing.

On May 12, Tibet Airlines flight number TV9833 at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport veered off the runway before catching fire. 

At the time, there were 113 passengers and nine crew members on board. More than 40 passengers were injured.

Back in March, China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 lost contact and crashed in the southern province of Guangxi. The plane nosedived and crashed in an almost vertical position. No one among its 132 people on board survived.

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