People across China are suffering from unending COVID tests. On September 13, news of the Chinese Communist Party approving an “automatic COVID detection system” appeared on hot search. The comment section was up in arms immediately. Netizens helplessly asked: “You want us to do COVID tests for life?”

According to The Paper on September 13, recently, a fully automated COVID detection platform called “Xiao Qing Geng” was researched and developed by Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration of China to put on the market. It has become a COVID detection system with a higher degree of automation.

According to the report, “Xiao qing geng” weighs 45 kg (99 pounds) and can be placed on a table, used as a desktop computer, suitable for all kinds of laboratories and outpatient clinics, and it can automatically complete the whole COVID detection process. If upgraded, simultaneous testing of 48 samples can be completed within 2 hours. If a 20-mix solution is used in an accompanying test, at least 960 samples can be completed within 2 hours.

Another COVID detector from Shanghai ZJ biotechnology company, “Qing Geng No.1” was approved for market in April. The device can run continuously for 24 hours, and can fully automate the COVID detection in 4,500 test tubes. If the use of the “20 in 1” option is adopted, then the daily test volume can reach 90,000 tubes/ 1 test.

The company stated that it is also currently developing more detection equipment for all strains of COVID variants in just one machine.

A Weibo screenshot had comments from Chinese netizens.

“I really need to prepare for a long-term battle with them! It’s so scary.”

“If this machine is put on the market, then will we have to test COVID for life??? It’s crazy, I really want to move abroad, but have no money.”

“Inventing this machine for what? Seeing it made me angry. I regret that I can’t rush out and wreck it. This machine, once put on the market, the COVID test will never stop. It’s even being promoted nationwide.”

“A new era of COVID testing of remarkable socialism with Chinese style.”

Previously, on September 8, the Chinese Health and Medical Commission announced that enhanced pandemic prevention and control measures will be implemented from the Mid-Autumn Festival to October 31, while stressing that normalized COVID testing should also be done in non-pandemic areas.

The Epoch Times said, that many people asked, who will pay for normalizing COVID testing? Does the Medical and Health Commission get benefits from the COVID test company?

The COVID pandemic in China has been going on for nearly 3 years. Under the zero COVID policy of the Chinese Communist Party, pandemic prevention and control measures are increasing in many places. Anyone who does not do COVID tests will be assigned a yellow or red code, making it difficult to travel.

As the pandemic continues to spread, China’s COVID testing market has rapidly expanded. According to Sina, as of the end of March, there were 12,500 COVID-19 testing facilities in China, with more than 144,700 employees.

As many industries went bankrupt and closed due to the pandemic, China’s medical testing facilities became the biggest earners. Many of China’s top test companies have seen their profits and performance skyrocket.

Recently, 10 listed COVID testing companies have published their half-year 2022 reports. According to Sina‘s report, the total revenues of 10 companies have exceeded 48.5 billion yuan ($7.07 billion), and the total net profit has exceeded 16.2 billion yuan ($2.36 billion).

Lanwei Medicine Company made a lot of money thanks to the Shanghai lockdown. Net profits in the first half of the year increased by 338.53% compared to the same period last year; Mingde Bio’s profit rate exceeded 376%, and its net profit margin surpassed 52%.

Sina newspaper previously published a report that some of the top testing companies made a net profit of 100 million yuan ($14.58 billion) in 10 days, and the net profit of Andon Health Company, the fastest growing pharmaceutical company, increasing more than 27,000%.

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