While much of the world tries to live with COVID, China still sticks to its ‘zero-COVID’ policy to eliminate the virus. In China, lockdowns, including those of entire cities, have nearly become commonplace. Up to now, Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, has been placed under lockdown for more than one month.

After that, several residents complained about food shortages and poor hospital and quarantine patient care, among other problems.

According to the South China Morning Post, on September 17, the Lhasa authorities apologized for the chaos caused by the city’s lockdown.

The owner of a hotel in Lhasa told Chinese media Xinwang Zhisheng: From August 8 to now, we have not even been able to leave the door. In the previous month, no supplies were delivered. Then this month, we started to have two lunch boxes a day.

The recent video uploaded on Twitter shows that on September 15, people in a village in Lhasa were all sent to quarantine.

The authorities allegedly continued to send people to quarantine sites at night.

Lhasa now looks like a ‘ghost town,’ with empty streets that can be seen in several videos.

Animals, therefore, walk freely on the streets.

The director of the Tibet Action Institute, Lhadon Tethong, told The New York Times that she had been astounded by last week’s so-called flood of Tibetan voices.

She said, “They’re these direct cries for help coming from inside in a way that we just don’t see anymore,” adding, “So we know they’re at the breaking point.”

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