Since the beginning of May, many eerie phenomena have appeared across China. Chinese residents have witnessed two blood-red skies in just a week.

On May 9, a wall of clouds appeared in Beijing’s sky. Half of the sky was covered by white clouds, while the other half had no trace of clouds. People call it the ‘Yin and Yang’ sky.

Chinese authorities give either vague scientific or non-sense explanations about these occurrences. Some local reports stated that the red sky was quote “refraction of the red light that was coming from a fishing boat harvesting Pacific saury” end quote. Or, like the Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau, they said the red color was a reflection of light from lower-level clouds.

However, before the birth of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese people used to count on ancient wisdom to explain the eerie phenomena. Traditional Chinese culture believes in the harmony between heaven and earth. They believe that all celestial events reflect heaven’s will.

Such phenomena have already appeared throughout Chinese history. Those occurrences were well-recorded in history books, along with social events that happened during that time.

Bloody sky

The red sky once appeared in 1628 during the Ming Dynasty. According to the book “Hannan Xujun Chronicle”, the whole Shanxi sky was red as blood. The book wrote that the region suffered from a great famine five years after this event. Six years after, it suffered from floods. For over ten years afterward, the area went through drought, locust attacks, and having nothing to harvest in the crops when autumn came. Many people died during this period.

China’s history has shown that the bloody sky usually appeared at the end of many dynasties, such as the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty. The phenomenon seems to correspond to the overthrow of the dynasty or regime and the ominous fate of the king.

Red sun

The sun appeared in red in Heilongjiang on April 16.

Li Chunfeng, a famous astronomer and Taoist under the Tang dynasty, has written about this in his astrology book “Yi Si Zhan”.

He wrote that the sun could change its color into black, yellow, or red. If the ruler doesn’t act with moral principles, his minister will betray him behind his back. The sun will turn red in this case.

Liu Xiang in the Western Han Dynasty also wrote about this occurrence. Under the ruling of Emperor Cheng of the Han, one year, the sun turned bloody red. At that time, Emperor Cheng had no morality. The Zhao clan in the back palace was in turmoil, while the Wang clan seized power. The country fell.

He also noted that if a minister went against the monarch’s law and the sun was as red as fire, the kingdom would perish.

Mock sun or so-called parhelion

Hubei locals witnessed the scene of three suns appearing in the sky in mid-April this year.

The event when two bright spots appear on both sides of the sun is called ‘mock sun.’ But in China, the Chinese people often call it the ‘phantom sun.’ Back in February 2020, the sky in Inner Mongolia appeared with five phantom suns. The ancients believed that a phantom sun was an ominous sign, foretelling the world would be in chaos.

Li Chunfeng’s also predicted that this was the sign that a country would fall into political infighting. If two suns appear simultaneously, then the so-called satellite states will plan a coup d’etat to overthrow the host kingdom. Those without moral principles must die. If multiple suns show up in the sky, the kingdom will be separated into parts.

Red river

Residents in Fujian found the sea turned red on May 11. While on May 10, Guangxi locals found the water of the Leli River also turned red.

In this regard, Han dynasty astronomer Jingfang had explained this in one of his books. He wrote that the red river reflected growing injustice and wrong execution of prisoners.

The renowned Chinese ‘Book of Changes’ has also touched on this subject. It said that the odd changes in a country’s water implied the country was in danger. If the king of a country is driven by lust, and alcohol and loses his virtue, that would also reflect the water’s appearance.

The wake-up call from the Divine

The belief that a nation’s fate comes hand in hand with the virtue of its leaders and the people has existed since ancient times. It can be found in both Chinese and Western culture and folklore.

Some even say that astrology is the language of the Divine. Before launching the ‘Heavenly Disasters’ to the human world, the Creator sends us signals so that we can redeem our sins before it’s too late.

The ‘Book of Han Dynasty volume 56’ clearly states, quote “If a country did bad things, Heaven would first launch some disasters to warn the people (and the king); if the people didn’t regret and continued to do bad things, then other odd things would follow; if people still had no guilt and did not do good things, the country would suffer from greater disasters.” end quote

The Book of Exodus also retells the same event. Out of the 10 plagues that Yahweh created to warn the Pharaoh, one of them was turning water into blood. It reads, quote “This is what the LORD says: By this you will know that I am the LORD: With the staff that is in my hands I will strike the water of the Nile, and it will be changed into blood. The fish in the Nile will die, and the river will stink and the Egyptians will not be able to drink its water. — Exodus 7:17–18.” end quote

But with the birth of communism, along with its atheism and Darwin’s revolutionary doctrine, human beings have slowly slipped away from their spiritual paths. Especially in China, communism dominates and makes people turn their back on their ancestors and the 5000-year Divine culture.

Former party leader Mao Zedong said, “Battling with heaven is endless joy, fighting with the earth is endless joy, and struggling with humanity is endless joy.”

80 million have lost their lives under this dictatorial regime. Yet, many Chinese people haven’t realized its evil nature. The Chinese Communist Party opposes the universe’s will. With that many odd phenomena happening in China, Heaven is sending wake-up calls to those who still have faith in this evil party. Only by upholding our moral principles and staying away from the bad will we be blessed with health, safety, and happiness once again.

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