On the eve of the CCP’s 20th National Congress, a man in Beijing hung an anti-CCP banner on Sitong Bridge with the words “No PCR tests, we want food. No restrictions, we want freedom. No lies, we want dignity. No Cultural Revolution, we want reform. No leaders, we want votes. No being slaves, we want to be citizens.” It shocked the world. Recently, it was reported that Jiangxi artist Xiao Liang was arrested for posting a portrait of Peng Taizhou, who hung the banner on Sitong Bridge, which aroused public concern.

According to the Weiquanwang website on December 11, Xiao from Nanchang was detained by the authorities on charges of “provoking trouble” for posting a portrait of Peng. He was later transferred to a criminal detention center and has so far lost contact with the outside world.

According to reports, Xiao’s Twitter account was last updated on October 15, the day he published the portrait.

On the evening of December 11, Xiao’s wife, Yan, revealed in an interview with The Epoch Times that Xiao was taken away by the police on October 16 and one of his computers was also taken. She happened to be away at the time.

She said, “At about 6 pm that evening, the National Security Team of the Donghu Public Security Bureau, Nanchang City came to my house. A policeman asked me, ‘What hobbies does Xiao have, what kind of friends does he have, what organizations does he join or receive money from?’ I said, we live a very simple life. He doesn’t like making friends, so he doesn’t have much contact, and he doesn’t join any organizations or accept money from anyone.”

Yan said that the police later told her that Xiao had not been allowed to go home and that they were still investigating. Yan said, “Xiao was detained on charges of provoking trouble, he was arrested by the prosecutor’s office on December 7. I don’t know exactly what happened when he was arrested. The police said they couldn’t tell us.”

Yan added that she then hired a lawyer but did not discuss any issues. She said, “The lawyer said that his mental state is not bad now. Xiao has diabetes and needs insulin every day, so I gave him medicine twice.”

The man who hung the banner on Sitong Bridge was quickly arrested by police and his whereabouts are unknown. As for how he got past the security guards and managed to climb the bridge and hang the large banner, CCP officials remain silent. However, this incident quickly stirred up public opinion at home and abroad, and the content of the banner also became the protest slogans during the “White Paper Movement” recently.

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