As Apollo in Chinese reported, former Chinese writer and free-speech advocate Guo Feixiong, also known as Yang Maodong, is accused of “inciting subversion of state power,” as indicated by the procuratorate, and entered the court proceedings.

Through Guo Feixiong’s lawyers and his family, the regime charged Guo with “inciting subversion,” making a website posting constitutionalism and democracy articles.

From talking on Free Asia, Yang Zili, a pro-democracy activist close to Guo’s family, said the Beijing allegations lack legal basis.

Guo’s website did not publish content about China’s political changes. The articles are about the academic and theoretical study of constitutional democracy and are not directly related to domestic political change.

Guo Feixiong’s wife – Zhang Qing, was treated for metastatic colon cancer at a hospital in Maryland. His wife received a cancer diagnosis in early 2021.

In despair, Guo Feixiong sent a public letter to Premier Li Keqiang asking for a chance to reunite with his wife and children after 15 years of separation.

The authorities later gave Guo a passport, people thought that would provide some hope and prayed for Guo to be able to flee abroad and to meet his wife one last time.

Still, an order from the Ministry of Public Security asked Guo to go from Guangzhou to Wuhan to meet the Ministry of Public Security agents, asking Guo to agree to some conditions.

Yang Zili mentioned Guo is a tough one and didn’t compromise.

Guo was unwilling to agree to the Security people’s requests or to sign the so-called confession or repentance.

Guo was arrested without getting on the plane and detained in an unknown black jail for months before announcing the trial.

In Jan 2022, Guo’s wife – Zhang Qing, died of illness in the United States.  

Guo Feixiong missed his chance to be allowed to go abroad because he adhered to his principles, Yang Zili said.

Guo has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and once taught at a university in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province.

In 2001, Guo began to advocate for human rights in China and has been detained several times for speaking out for vulnerable groups in China, such as villagers whose homes were demolished or Falun Gong practitioners are detained and tortured for their beliefs.

Regarding Beijing regime treatment, Wang Jianhong, a U.K.-based scholar, said: “The tragic experience of this family shows us the inhumanity of this tyranny.”

“Even when Guo Feixiong’s wife Zhang Qing fell ill, the authorities still refused to allow him to leave the country and arrested him, instead.”

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