According to the China News web, on June 18, at the Laolongtou site in Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, archaeologists have uncovered more than 1,100 tombs dating from the late Shang Dynasty to the early Western Han Dynasty, as well as more than 5,000 additional artifacts.

According to Tian Jianbo, the head of the Yanyuan Laolongtou site archaeological excavation facility, the fourth Yanyuan County Laolongtou site rescue excavation began in April 2020. More than 5,000 relics have been unearthed, including pottery, bronze, iron, gold, silver, stone, jade, glass, bones (including seashells), and so on.

The bronze weaving set is the most complete bronze belt machine found in Southwest China, and the bronze tricycle is one of the earliest material models of a tricycle found in China. The bronze chandeliers, which come in various shapes and sizes, first draw attention to the distinctive beliefs and practices of the local community.

According to Zhou Zhiqing, deputy director of the Chengdu Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology, the excavation gives a measure and reference for understanding the cultural genealogy of the evolution of bronze culture in the west. At the same time, it confirms the history of contact among ethnic groups in the Southwest area, southern Sichuan, and even western Yunnan.

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