According to mainland media, at 8 p.m Beijing time on September 9th, the iPhone14 series officially opened for pre-sale in China. Some netizens reported that Apple’s official website collapsed. 

Some netizens said they had already paid, but the official website prompted, “We are waiting for your payment.”

New iPhones are always hot each year in China. However, this year’s iPhone 14 series seems even more popular with mainland consumers. 

At around 8 p.m, all versions of the iPhone14 series were sold out in China.

In addition, Apple’s flagship store in Jingdong shows nearly 950,000 reservations for the  iPhone14 Pro series. However, the iPhone14 does not require an appointment and can be purchased directly after September 16th.

On September 8th, Apple held an autumn new product launch for the iPhone14 series. Phone prices were announced after the conference.

There is no increase in the price of the 128 GB entry version. However, the other storage versions of iPhone14 Pro and iPhone14 Pro Max rose by 100 to 500 yuan. The 1TB version of the iPhone14 Pro Max is the most expensive at $1950 (13,499 yuan). Pre-orders were accepted at 8 p.m on September 9th and will go on sale on September 16th. However iPhone14 Plus will not be on sale until October 7th.

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