According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to start making the iPhone 14 in India about two months after its first initial product launch in China. The move will narrow down the production gap from typical six to nine months for its previous launches.

The company has been working with its suppliers to ramp up iPhone production in India.

As Bloomberg reported, the U.S. tech giant looks for options outside China as Beijing increasingly clashes with Washington; and lockdowns that disrupt production activities. 

The report said Apple’s key supplier Foxconn studied the process of shipping device components from China and assembling the iPhone 14 at its plant outside Chennai city, southern India.

The first made-in-India iPhone 14s is expected to finish in late October or November after the initial release in September.

Analysts said that shipping the next iPhones from the two countries almost simultaneously marks a significant benchmark for Apple to diversify its supply chain. 

The report notes that product secrecy is the most challenging issue for shipping components from China to India and assembling them there. Apple is well-known for imposing extreme controlled processes for its product confidentiality. And maintaining the same drastic security controls as in China in another country is not easy. 

Reuter reported that Apple has been shifting some of its iPhone production outside China to other countries, including India. It also plans to assemble iPad tablets in the country.

Countries like India, Mexico, and Vietnam have become important places for Apple, and its contract suppliers as the U.S. pushes to diversify away its production from China.

In May, Apple reportedly told its contracted manufacturers about plans to increase its production outside China. The tech giant currently makes 90% of its products like the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook in China using outside contractors.Nikkei Asia reported last week that Apple was in talks to produce the Apple Watch and Macbook in VietNam for the first time.

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