The 20th National Congress of the CCP is an important milestone for China and the world. However, China’s economy, people’s livelihoods, pandemic restrictions, and diplomacy are all in turmoil and about to collapse. Along with the efforts of the anti-Xi Jinping faction, his re-election and securing the CCP regime are both facing challenges.

On October 7, a video appeared on the internet showing: On a street in Beijing, a Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team patrols with guns, wearing black helmets and armed from head to toe. There is also a long line of black armored vehicles with armed police parked at the curb. It’s not clear how many cars there are, but emblazoned on their sides are the two words “Chaoyang” and “S.W.A.T.”

Sound of Hope said that a netizen saw this scene and exclaimed, “What’s the point of doing this? Russian-occupied areas in Ukraine are not even patrolled like this, your country is so powerful!” Another said, “This kind of equipment is used to deal with the people? There’s only one country in the world that uses you money to deter and intimidate you to defend the regime that is riding on your back!”

This shows the CCP is just full of bluster and grandstanding. The “Shining light media” media channel published an article by senior media officer Yan Chungou saying that the situation in China is the worst it’s ever been since the CCP came to power. Economic collapse, diplomacy has been set upon, and people’s discontent are the three great mountains that weigh on the CCP.

Yan pointed out on Facebook on September 5 that the CCP’s greatest need is to take and keep power forever and ensure the interests of the red family (the Chinese Communist Party). After realizing that even a major overhaul of domestic and foreign policies could not save the regime, the CCP’s only way out was to plan its future in a negative way, that is, confront the United States on the international stage and prepares to fight to the death; strengthen domestic stability, coerce politics, deceive ideologies, and if necessary not hesitate to use tanks to deal with the people. This is also the reason why the CCP agreed to allow Xi to be re-elected for a third term: Only Xi can handle the current situation.

Currently, the much of outside world believes that Xi Jinping’s re-election to a third term means a dark future. On this issue, Professor Wu Guoguang, a senior researcher at Stanford University, gave his unique point of view to RFI on October 7.

Wu said that there is a high probability that China will go into the dark, but the problem is the Chinese people don’t have to follow Xi’s direction. 

of Wu said, “Hearing this, some people will object and may think ‘What right do I, as an ordinary person, have not to follow XI? In reality, you cannot decide the fate of all of China, but you can decide your own fate. For example, during the implementation of the “zero-COVID” policy, a mother’s three-year-old child was taken to quarantine. You can resist this, you say your resistance will be suppressed, but I think an animal when its newborn is taken away will resist even if it dies trying. If you take into account the damage you will face when you save your own child, how selfish are you? What the Chinese cherish most is their children, their whole life is dedicated to their children, but when your three-year-old child is taken away, you don’t resist, or you just cry and scream, then you also tell of your misfortune on social networks to ease the pain. It’s really hopeless.”

Wu Guoguang repeatedly bemoaned the mental paralysis of the Chinese people and said: How sad! I can only say it is pathetic!

He continued, “In fact, after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, the CCP feared hundreds or thousands of Chinese people gathering the most, but now when it comes to nucleic acid testing, thousands of people gather together with their grievances and curses in their heads, but they made no move to protest.” He continued, “I really don’t understand.”

Wu sighed: “Chinese people do not dare to try and control their own destiny, but they also don’t know who is leading them. If it is not Xi Jinping, it could be Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao or Wen Jiabao. But in reality, Li Keqiang’s strength in the Standing Committee is not as strong as 1,000 ordinary people gathering to protest.”

In fact, in recent times, sporadic protests continue to occur, but most of news has been blocked by the authorities. Before the 20th National Congress, any kind of conflict could break out at any time. For Xi, it is difficult to guard against people’s uprisings and coups. Whether the black-clad S.W.A.T can ensure that he overcomes this smoothly is still a question.

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