A resistance to Artemisinin antimalarial drugs has become the most significant technical challenge facing worldwide control of malaria.

According to the World Malaria Report 2018 released by the World Health Organization, the progress of global malaria control has stalled, and there is a lack of financial support for controlling malaria.

Secret China, on October 15, reported an article about “Tu Youyou and three other researchers test the safety of artemisinin by testing the drug on themselves, ” which aroused outside attention. 

The 91-year-old Tu Youyou is a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

She won the Nobel Prize for “discovering artemisinin and creating a new treatment for malaria.”

She found clues in the ancient Chinese medicine book “Elbow Reserve Emergency Recipe” by Ge Hong in Jin Dynasty.

She once said, “This is a gift from traditional Chinese medicine to the world.”

For the problem of artemisinin resistance, Tu Youyou’s team discovered that a derivative of artemisinin known as “dihydroartemisinin” has a unique effect on the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus with high variability. Clinical trials commenced in May 2018 and are ongoing. The drug is expected to be approved for marketing in 4 or 5 years.

Academics once called her a “three no” scientist because she has no doctoral degree, no overseas study background, and no Chinese Academy of Sciences academician. 

Tu Youyou is undoubtedly one of the most admired people in China.

However, one thing that has caused most people to feel injustice against her: is the “academician” issue.

She once won the Lasker Prize and the Nobel Prize but wasn’t selected as an academician, which is difficult for the general public.

According to 163.com, perhaps to quell public anger, authorities listed the reasons why she was not rated as an academician: 1. No overseas background, 2. No doctoral degree, 3. Not enough papers.

The Secret of China wrote that Lu Bai, executive vice dean of Hua University School of Medicine, once criticized, “Although (China) academicians are currently elected, voters no longer rely solely on scientific achievements.

A netizen commented that without connections and capital, it is difficult.
163.com wrote that these things are obviously on the table, but they still focus on factions. No matter what, Tu Youyou is still the most beautiful “academician” in our hearts.

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