The “White Paper Revolution” has broken out everywhere in China, attracting public attention inside and outside the country. reported on December 4 that a prominent red “anti-Xi personnel entrance” sign was at a local testing site. This news then triggered a heated debate among netizens.

In the recent White Paper Revolution movement, many protesters have shouted slogans, such as “Step down Xi Jinping” and “Step down Communist Party,” and the wave of protests has spread overseas.

This time, a Twitter user “Venisky” shared a photo taken in Xishui Country, Guizhou province, on March 3, showing an eye-catching red cloth strip with the statement: “Key people: entrance for anti-Xi people from outside the province” at a testing station.

The photo subsequently prompted thousands of netizens to discuss it.

Some wondered whether this was an input error, which mistyped “return” as “anti-Xi” or “return to Xishui County.” The short form of the word plus the abbreviation was written as “anti-Xi.”

Another netizen teased, “Xishui County is about to be flattened.”

One netizen wonders how many people will take this entrance. Those who dare to take this entrance are all noted by the General Secretary of the communist party Xi Jinping.

Another said, “The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.”

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