Recently, a video went viral on the internet showing an old man in Yangpu District, Shanghai City making an appointment at a clinic for a medical examination. However, the neighborhood committee said he must make a permit application the day before in order to go. Their insistence makes the old man kneel down and beg for mercy.

According to NetEase, the incident took place at the Neighborhood Committee on Yinhang Street, Yangpu District, Shanghai. In the video, you can see that the iron fence of Chengshi Mingyuan’s neighborhood committee is locked. No matter how much the old man begs, they won’t let him go. The person next to him told him to call 110 for help. We don’t know what happened in the end.

According to The Epoch Times, on September 13, a blogger named “Like an unruly rock” posted about the incident on WeChat, saying that the secretary of Chengshi Mingyuan’s neighborhood committee, Ni Guibao, has many “not-so-good deeds” exposed on Weibo’s hot search.

This blogger said, that during this year’s pandemic lockdown, people have urgent needs, but they cannot reach the committee since the staff pretends to be dead, or they say the matter must go to the superiors. In the end nothing’s resolved.

The first time this Party secretary became famous was at the end of March. When Shanghai was locked down, the neighborhood committee of Chengshi Mingyuan did not distribute vegetables and let the rotting food be photographed by residents. At that time, many residents came to Ni to confront him.

Later his excuses were also on the hot search list.

A blogger said, that right after that, the secretary did another thing—he “arbitrarily cut back the meals of the volunteers distributing food on the street.” The volunteers also came to his house to question him.

The blogger went on to say that people even mocked him as the “celebrity secretary on the internet“. Some netizens took pictures of him not wearing a mask, smoking, and wearing his work card upside down while working. 

On September 15, a reporter from The Epoch Times called the neighborhood committee of Chengshi Mingyuan to verify the incident. When a man answered the phone, the reporter asked if Ni Guibao was there. However, this male employee did not answer. Instead but he asked the reporter if he’s seen video. But that’s impossible.

The reporter and the neighborhood committee member went on to discuss how incidents like these shouldn’t be happening and refused to give his name.”

The male employee gave his version of the story saying that the old man was helped to go to the doctor. He said the incident happened on September 1 not on September 10. And everything was fine.

Local citizens: Depriving medical treatment is a crime against humanity

On September 15, Shanghai resident Song Jiahong told an Epoch Times reporter, “The elderly need to go out to see a doctor, it’s a basic human right. In the Shanghai lockdown period from April to June this year, some old people died because they didn’t get medical help in time, making the people in Shanghai extremely angry. But officials are still indifferent, they are not ashamed at all.”

Song also said, “I thought that people could breathe a sigh of relief when the city was lifted from the lockdown, but officials still restricted the freedom of residents in the name of the pandemic.”

Ren Haojun, a Shanghai citizen, said, “In a civilized society, even death row inmates have the right to medical treatment, but the neighborhood committee is so crazy that it takes away residents’ rights to seek medical care. This is not only a violation of the law, but also a crime against humanity.”

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