A captured encounter during one “zero-COVID” policy protest in China is going viral. A person is trying to convince people against protesting, but what he had to say only backfired hard.

Speaking through a megaphone, a person told the crowd that they had received news that foreign forces were among them, allegedly implying that people’s anger had been manipulated. However, his statement was met with a fierce response.

China’s public unrest erupted, especially after the deadly fire in Xinjiang that claimed ten lives, with nine others injured. Citizens were infuriated as they questioned if “zero-COVID” policies were what obstructed rescue efforts. Even Hong Kong, where protests have become scarce since the national security bill, has also seen defiance. 

One after another people in the crowd passed the megaphone and mocked the “foreign force” narrative. One person yelled out loud that they could not even access the internet and asked how overseas factors influenced them. Another said:

According to Radio Free Asia, the incident occurred at Liangmaqiao Bridge, in China’s capital, Beijing on November 27. The people speaking were students, and allegedly, they were talking to an official from their school.

The news agency added that when law enforcement arrived at the bridge there were no altercations. Sporadic arrests began only at midnight, and the throng dispersed gradually.

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