On August 25, the Chinese women’s volleyball team wore masks while playing against Iran’s team in the Asian Cup match in the Philippines. The incident has aroused ridicule online.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Iranian women’s volleyball team after winning three games in a row. 

Since then, the hashtag “#Chinese women’s volleyball team all wear masks to play#” has become a hot topic on Weibo.

The video shows that all the Chinese women’s volleyball teams, coaches, and substitute players sitting outside the court wore masks.

Notably, the Iranian women’s team also wears a hijab while playing.

According to the Chinese media Xiwang Zhisheng, the Chinese team wore white N95 masks at the start of the first game, but they lost. Starting from the second game, the Chinese team members quickly removed their masks.

After the news broke out, it sparked heated discussion among netizens.

The news outlet then collected several comments which were posted by netizens.

“It is estimated that another Pulitzer photo has come out! The Chinese team wore a white mask, and the Iranian team wore a black hijab. Very magical scene!”

“Which official asked the women’s volleyball girl to wear a mask to play games. I wonder if wearing a mask for strenuous exercise can easily lead to sudden death?”

“Why don’t you play in a protective suit?”

Yet since the start of the COVID outbreak, the debate concerning mask use and its efficacy has been in the spotlight.

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