Nucleic acid testing and city closures are two ways the CCP regime sticks to implementing its “zero-COVID” policy. 

However, violations are constantly being discovered at nucleic acid testing facilities. 

According to Caixin media, a company called Pu Shi Medical Laboratory in Beijing was found to have falsified test data just a few months ago. Their initial test data was significantly less than the number of samples reported. As a result, seven people were arrested, said China Daily.

Recently, the epidemic broke out continuously in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, but the source could not be detected. Therefore, the city’s health commission and public security bureau set up a team to inspect the implementation of nucleic acid testing in the city. As a result, on September 24, Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau announced a violation at “HeHe Shijiazhuang Medical Laboratory.” 

The investigation found that on September 14, a positive COVID sample of Sunshine 361 community, Yuhua District, was not reported. As a result, it caused the infection spreads in the community. Previously Yuhua was closed from September 13 to September 16.

This laboratory is suspected of crimes, and the Shijiazhuang police have made a file for investigation.

Shijiazhuang Medical Laboratory was established on November 4, 2021, and is controlled by Beijing Hehe Medical Diagnostic Technology Co. 

Its main business is partnering with major hospitals nationwide to provide third-party clinical research and testing services for clinical practice. Currently, it has 21 subsidiaries and branches nationwide.

According to mainland media, it is worth mentioning that this parent company was controversial for the nucleic acid test results. As a result, two of its subsidiaries in Hefei city was suspended on April 23, and one in Shenyang was rectified on July 6.

The incomplete statistics from the media reported more than 200 nucleic acid testing facilities had been suspended or rectified by the authorities.

Some analysts believe that the authority’s handling of these organizations may intend to divert public discontent.

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