Apollo News reported that continuing with the “zero-Covid” policy, China’s regime locked down many communities in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. 

On June 30, Wuxi reported many positive cases of Covid-19. The city authorities announced on July 1 that all residents must carry out nucleic acid testing.

The residents in this city with a population of 7 million were required to not leave their houses unless absolutely necessary.

From 8:00 PM on July 1, urban residents must show negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours to use public transportation.

A video showed hundreds of people in protective clothes lining up in a street of Wuxi. These people are said to be anti-epidemic agents, mobilized to take people to quarantine.

Twitter account @yunyunfengfeng posted a video showing that there could be at least thousands of residents waiting to be quarantined.

According to Apollo News, there is a netizen exclaiming that Shanghai has been peaceful for a few days, yet another big city has begun to lock down and control citizens.

Another netizen commented that Chinese authorities have begun to choose political sides, taking people’s freedom to show their loyalty to the “0-Covid” policy.

There are also netizens saying that the economy is bankrupt and there is no food anymore. Lockdown is the best way for the government to strengthen control over the people.

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