According to the Beijing Youth Daily, parents at a high school in Tongling City, Anhui, complained that class fees are excessively high. However, the media claimed that all the parents had agreed to the fee. The incident made netizens wonder why all the parents decided to pay the cost, but some said otherwise.

According to NetEase, the class fee of a school in Tongling City, Anhui, was around $290 (2,000 yuan) per student, and the entire class of almost 40 students was $11,500 (80,000 yuan). Tongling City officials also confirmed the information.

The standard fee for a school semester can range from a few to hundred dollars. It is usually less than $29 (200 yuan), this is why paying $43 (300 yuan) seemed unreasonable to some parents.

In the official reply, the $11,500 (80,000 yuan) class fees include textbook payment, learning, and activity expenses.

The school was supposed to provide necessities like chalk, cleaning tools, brooms, mops, and a first aid kit with some emergency medications.

So how are the five thousand yuan spend?

Although the Department of Education said that the money was collected and paid by the family committee from start to finish, the principal and the substitute teacher never took it. But it was precisely this that aroused the greatest anger in public opinion.

The election of the family committee may or may not reflect parental approval. Instead, the family committee usually acts more as a spokesperson for the instructor and the school than for the interests of the parents.

According to the media, the board of education did not provide an answer to the parents in need.

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