Recently, Sun Lijun, former Vice Minister of Public Security of the Chinese Communist Party, was exposed as a part of a “political gang.” The case of Sun Lijun has many peculiarities, including a long investigation period, an official press conference, and TV confessions.

Behind the lengthy investigation and public announcement

Tang Jingyuan, a commentator on current affairs, said in an interview that, since Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign at the 18th CCP Congress, it had taken 17 months until the investigation was announced. 

The published press on Sun Lijun’s investigation is over 700 words long, the longest ever seen in Formal briefings in China, even longer than when they arrested Zhou Yongkang at the Standing Committee level.

Tang said that this case is not singular. The CCP regime has publicly defined the case as a “political gang” case, or in Communist Party terms, it would be “opposed-revolutionaries.” Fighting to lead everyone in one direction has been the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party; it is also the cause of all conflicts. It involves power struggles between high-level politicians. It is not easy to sort out who belongs to which factions. 

According to Tang, Sun’s exposure is only the beginning. Politically and legally, Sun’s factions are closely linked to Meng Jianzhu. But he is a thug and behind Meng Jianzhu is Jiang Zemin. Xi Jinping is targeting Jiang Zemin.

Crime publicly exposes forces within the Communist Party

Tang said that the leadership competition inside the Communist Party had reached an unprecedented level. The convictions of Zhou Yongkang, Ling Jihua, and Bo Xilai are individual convictions with similar and common accusations. Sun Lijun’s case was broadcast on TV with nearly a complete list of guilty charges. 

Xi Jinping is going for the next step of infighting between leaders at the top. The closer to the 20th National Congress of the Party, the stronger the smell of gunpowder.

Eliminating  Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai in the past was a warning. 

Sun Lijun’s role in the ‘financial coup

Sun Lijun is not a financial expert, and one of the accusations against him is stock market manipulation. Experts say the “financial coup” was fabricated and that the stock crash of 2015 was initiated by someone else. Sun was involved but is not the primary suspect. 

Lawyer Yuan Hongbing told Epoch Times on Jan. 14 that In 2015, Xiao Jianhua participated in stock market manipulation and contacted Wu Xiaohui, chairman of Anbang Group. Yuan said that Sun Lijun is a minor character. But they realized that this crime level must involve someone from the police department.

Xie Tian, a professor at the University of South Carolina’s Aiken Business School, said in an interview with Epoch Times that the “financial coup” in itself is ludicrous. However, the accusation suits the CCP’s strategic plan at the moment. 

The case of Sun Lijun will cause a domino effect

Tang Jingyuan discussed the current crisis of the CCP according to the following three points. 

First, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission has always been an area Xi Jinping cannot fully control. Therefore, the arrest of the so-called “five tigers” controlling the political and legal system this time shows that Xi Jinping is pushing for large-scale reconstruction of the party.

Second, Xi Jinping focuses on the 20th National Congress of Deputies. At the recently concluded National Political and Legal Conference, Chen Yixin, Secretary-General of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, a close confidant of Xi Jinping, has announced that escorting the political and legal system for the 20th National Congress is a top priority.

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign had offended other officials in different factions over the years. Crackdowns on business giants have interfered with many high-ranking families’ finances. Various interest groups fight against him openly and secretly to prevent his re-election. Therefore, Xi always prioritizes protecting the 20th National Congress. After taking office in the next term, he would step by step remove his opponents. 

Third, the CCP broadcast a movie to start the fight against corruption. The “anti-corruption campaign” is not limited to the political and legal system but has spread all over China. For example, the financial sector has been central to Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign. 

A chained collapse in finance will likely take place. Xi Jinping will use it as an opportunity to push this anti-corruption campaign to the climax and deter his political opponents.

Officials above the ministerial level can be sentenced to ‘death

Tang Jingyuan discussed a clue in the anti-corruption documentary, indicating that Sun followed Meng Jianzhu’s command.

It’s illogical and strange that Sun Lijun’s “recommendation” helped Gong Daoan become the head of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Sun Lijun was then a bureaucrat, and he did not have the power to do so. 

In addition to Wang Li Ke, three other officials in the political and legal fields—Deng Huilin, Gong Daoan, and Liu Xinyun confessed that Sun Lijun helped them get promoted. Sun’s superiors must have helped. At that time, Sun Lijun had a very close relationship with Meng Jianzhu.

Tang said: “Since Meng Jianzhu is a member of the Central Political Bureau and a deputy minister of state-level officials, this involves a significant issue. After the 19th CCP’s Congress, Xi Jinping also compromised to amend the constitution smoothly. The upper leaders will not interfere with ministerial-level, deputy state, and state-level officials. Removing Meng as a state-level official means that Xi Jinping would break the CCP’s ruling agreement. 

Yuan Hongbing said that by 2022, the CCP’s power struggle would be thoroughly intensified. The targets would be Zeng Qinghong and Meng Jianzhu. The new year’s drama begins as the battles between the two fronts unfold.

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