After the prevention and efforts to control the pandemic were utterly relaxed, the number of COVID-19 cases in Beijing spiked, and all hospitals were overloaded, causing severe medical shortages. However, the streets of Beijing are remarkably deserted, with very few people and vehicles, even quieter than during the lockdown.

There is unverified information, which partly shows that tension in the Chinese capital is spreading.

A citizen familiar with the matter revealed that the number of infected people in Beijing is now tens to hundreds of thousands per day. Within a month, most people in Beijing are likely to be infected.

The account @xiaojingcanxue said all working staff in Shilipu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, tested positive.

Beijing people are simultaneously scared, worried, and angry, saying that ordinary people are like headless flies. Sound of Hope quoted citizens’ comments:

“How serious Beijing’s situation is is not the main issue. The important thing is whether they are prepared for a big outbreak or not? Now people are like headless flies running around to buy medicine to protect themselves, but the official announcement has repeatedly stated that the situation is not too serious. Who can show concern for the people?”

“The surrounding situation: People who have not been infected are waiting to be infected … Those who have been infected want to recover … People who have recovered begin to worry about being infected again.”

Beijing netizens describe that it feels like the air is full of viruses, and they can be infected at any time.

“I was talking to a friend of mine today. She is quite cautious, like me. We have the following things in common: First, we rarely go out lately. Second, I never arbitrarily touch something when going out, and when coming home, I will spray disinfectant and wash my hands thoroughly. Purchased items are also sprayed with disinfectants. … However, since yesterday, my husband and I both have symptoms of headache, throat dry and itching. Recently we both went downstairs. My wife went to apartment number 711, where there were several people, including a man not wearing a mask. She saw it and ran away. I went downstairs to take out the trash, then walked on the main road for about ten minutes without contacting anyone within two meters. Another risk factor is that we live in an old house, and isolating the chimney from the other houses is impossible. It’s really hard to take precautions. Individual efforts can be said to be futile.”

“I don’t know how I got infected. I’ve been working from home lately. The only time I’ve been out in the past week was to a convenience store at the end of my residential area. I used an N95 mask and only stayed for 5 minutes.” Then, on Thursday, December 8, I felt a sore throat. My friend joked that I wouldn’t get poisoned. However, I was lying on the bed the next day and couldn’t get up.”

Beijing netizens used the phrase “tragic” to describe the current scene on the streets of Beijing. A video shows Wangfujing Street in Beijing’s busiest commercial center and Chaoyang District, where many vehicles pass, had become deserted.

It looks like the high-end office buildings have been shut down, and the shopping malls seem closed, as no one is there. (Photo 1, Photo 2)

Beijing restaurants have allowed customers to eat on the spot again, but very few people eat.

There are rumors that a military compound in Beijing is under lockdown. (Video)

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