On November 6, a piece of information attracted the attention of Chinese public opinion. A girl in critical condition, claiming to be a student at a school in Shanxi province, China, said she was filming a video “of her last moments,” and if she really died, it was because of “excessive pandemic prevention and control.”

The video shows the 18-year-old girl saying, “Please help, like and forward the video so more people can see it, maybe it could save this life! … I just want to say that this will be my last video on Douyin (TikTok Chinese version).” The girl added, “If the hospital can’t save or treat me, and I really die, then all the blame is on Jilin province’s excessive prevention of the pandemic. The cause of my illness and death was excessive prevention and control, and it is really life-threatening.”

She added that she hoped that everyone learns from her experience and she urged people to monitor what officials are doing so this doesn’t happen again. Finally, the girl said in an extremely weak voice that she was a student at a school in Shanxi province, “I am just 18 years old, I made this video to reveal the last moment of my life. I just wanted to say goodbye! Goodbye!”

no one knows the girl’s current condition and authorities have not made an official announcement.

Many netizens expressed their grief to Vision Times.

“So sad… an 18-year-old girl!” “My heart feels heavy!”, “Sorry for the girl in such a blooming age”

“It’s tragic! It’s tragic! A tragic world!”, “Her life had just begun and now it is no longer … so sad!”

“Looking at her faltering words, my tears just kept flowing… Just looked for related videos on Douyin but they are all gone… !”

Currently, the Chinese Communist Party persists with the “zero-COVID” policy. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, at the press conference of the Interagency Pandemic Prevention Mechanism of the State Council of China on November 5, participating officials still unanimously emphasized that they must adhere to keeping the pandemic from entering cities, provinces and communities and prevent it from resurfacing. According to China News, for excessive pandemic restrictions, now in places such as Daqing city in Heilongjiang province, Taiyuan city, and Yuncheng city in Shanxi Province, all have a lot of complaints from residents.

Vision Times said that the pandemic, which has gone on for 3 years in China, has caused countless tragedies due to the CCP’s persistence of the “zero-COVID” policy. As soon as a case is detected, the government immediately locks down, even where there are no cases. During the lockdown of cities in Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, … social networks spread information about disasters such as people jumping from buildings, starving, and being unable to get medical care in time.

Jin Dong Yan, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Hong Kong, told BBC Chinese that Chinese people have developed a huge fear of COVID-19 according to the pandemic prevention propaganda. Under the pandemic policy, they are “afraid to lie flat”, but the fact that many parts of the world loosened pandemic restrictions did not mean “lying flat” (doing nothing). He said that changing attitudes about the pandemic is a necessary step, “if this continues, it will only cause social unrest.” He also said that the “secondary disasters” caused by the CCP’s pandemic policy are already very serious.

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