On November 12, 2022, residents of Southern California expressed solidarity with Peng Zaizhou, who hung a banner protesting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the Sitong overpass in Beijing last month.

Apollo News reported that in Monterey Park, Los Angeles County, California, banners were raised by the Chinese-American community, attracting the attention of many passersby.

The most prominent banner is about 10 m long and has the same content as Peng Zaizhou’s banner on the Sitong overpass on October 13.

On the afternoon of November 12, this banner was brought to the Highway 10 overpass by Chinese people in Los Angeles to represent Peng Zaizhou’s brave act.

CCP police on October 13 arrived at the scene in Beijing to remove all of Peng Zaihou’s banners and put out the fire he created to attract the attention of passersby. A group of policemen took Peng away.

A month has passed, and the Chinese authorities have not released information about Peng’s condition. However, many people believe that the CCP killed Peng.

After the CCP arrested Peng Zaizhou, voices in support of him appeared more and more on social media. People in many countries also started organizing activities to demand the CCP release Peng.

Even in China, Graffiti or posters similar to the Sitong Bridge protests have appeared on university campuses, city centers, train stations, and even busy streets. 

Many people called Peng “Banner Man” to honor him, the same way people around the world use “Tank Man” to honor the young man who stopped the tank convoy from entering Tiananmen to commit a massacre in 1989.

Xu Jufen is a supporter of Peng. She said that Peng Zaizhou is a real fighter. He dares to speak the voice of the people. So Peng’s voice should be remembered.

Xu shared that she was a person who was brainwashed by the CCP and used to support this organization blindly. 

It was when she had the opportunity to bypass the CCP’s firewall that she learned the truth about the crimes of this organization.

Xu advises the Mainland Chinese that they should equip themselves with the ability to seek the truth and wake up soon.

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