In the face of battling the worst COVID outbreak, Chinese officials decided to stick to citywide lockdowns and mass testing measures.

Jared T Nelson, CEO of American investment company Pathway Compliance living in Shanghai, wrote on Sunday, April 10, on his Twitter account to share his diary of the lockdown in Shanghai.

“Other than the worries over-testing, today did not have any significant updates to share
We still are in lockdown – none of the four of us left the apartment door all day
We still struggle to find food and drinking water
We still have no idea when this will end.”

He said the restrictions for his building had been tightened on April 9, as people were not permitted to go outdoors to receive deliveries.

“Day 22 of my Shanghai Covid lockdown
As we feared yesterday, we have new restrictions
Before we were allowed to leave our building (but not community) to get deliveries – no more; now we are not allowed out of our apartment door”

In addition, many residents are concerned that they may run out of food. He wrote in another post on the same day that a lot of people’s situations were much worse than his, adding that “Things can be absurd but also true: we can get cake easily, but not meat and fruit”

On his 21st day of the lockdown, he also wrote that several Covid-positive residents from his community were infected with COVID-19. In accordance with the ‘zero-COVID’ policy, these people would be transferred to a quarantine center immediately instead of staying at home with non-infected family members.

Notably, the lockdown extension has affected delivery services, grocery shop websites, and even the distribution of government supplies.
In a Twitter post on April 4, Nelson wrote,

“Day 17 of my Shanghai Covid lockdown and food remains the priority
As usual, I woke up at 6am to try ordering deliveries
I have 10 apps that I cycle through repeatedly from various stores/platforms for several hours trying to find anything
No success by this method again today”

Edward Lawrence, a senior Shanghai-based camera journalist for the BBC, recently shocked the online community when he shared a picture of his pregnant friend’s food subsidies. The photo shows only one white radish and one cabbage in a white plastic bag.

He shared on Twitter on April 8,
“Picture of the govt food handout my pregnant friend received last night in Qingpu district of Shanghai. Four days ago she got milk, TCM and a small bag of rice.
Folks in Shanghai: what have you received? What district are you in? How many mouths have you got to feed?”

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