Interesting video of a group of ducks walking on the street

Recently, a viral video spread on the internet showed a flock of cute and obedient ducks.

The person filming the video said that on October 15, she met a man in Chongqing who drove a flock of ducks for sale on the street. This group of ducks is very obedient. The owner goes, and they will go. The owner stops; they will stop. Then, while walking, someone asked the owner if he was selling. While the owner spoke to the buyer, the ducks also stopped to listen. And when the buyer said he wouldn’t buy, the ducks left.

The exciting video of these ducks taking the initiative to wait for the buyers to choose shows that it’s natural to say: all living things have a soul.

Villagers in Yunnan dug up the ‘mushroom king’ weighing 6.6 pounds

A man surnamed Wang recently spent nearly $70 (500 yuan) buying a 6.6 pound (3 kg) termite mushroom from villagers in Lincang City, Yunnan Province.

The video shows a little girl struggling to lift the enormous mushroom. Although the mushroom canopy has not yet opened, it is vast enough to cover the girl’s face completely.

After watching the video, many netizens were amazed to see such a giant termite mushroom for the first time, and some netizens called it the “termite mushroom king.”

On October 16, Jimu News cited Wang saying that the mushroom environment has some problems, so it had not fully grown. But he said the taste of the termite mushroom king was the same as the usual termite mushroom—just like chicken.

A huge wildfire occurred in Guilin, Guangxi

Combine news from netizens shows a large forest fire in Guilin, Guangxi, on October 17.

This video was taken from a car traveling through the fire with both sides of the highway alight. The smoke-filled sky made it very dangerous. News on the internet said the fire occurred in the Nanling Mountains north of Guilin.

According to NTDTV, local netizens also posted pictures showing the air choking and the sky dyed yellow. Other netizens said that Guilin City was full of smoke and dust. Because of the active northeast wind, even the distant city of Guangdong was filled with a burning smell that night.

It occurred on the second day of the 20th National Party Congress, an important event for government officials. Therefore, news of the fire was not reported by the official media. Then, in the early morning of October 18, an official notice said that the fire in Xing’an County “has basically been controlled.”

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