The 20th National Chinese Communist Party Congress will begin on the 16th of next month. Until then, Beijing has adopted several security measures to maintain stability.

According to a report by CCTV on September 19, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice on tightening aircraft management in the Beijing area.

This measure will be in effect from September 19 until October 31. 

All individuals and organizations in the administrative region of Beijing are prohibited from using “low flying altitude, slow speed and small radar reflection area” aircraft such as drones. 

Various kinds of unapproved flying activities and ballooning activities are also banned.

The 12 categories of prohibited aircraft mainly include gliders, delta wing aircraft, manned balloons, and drones.

These activities can only be carried out after the Central Theater Air Force or the Civil Aviation Air Control Department approves.

Beijing Public Security will “severely investigate and punish” those who violate the regulations.

The 20th National Congress was not mentioned in the content of the notice. Yet, it’s worth noting that the 20th National Congress will take place on October 16 in Beijing. Based on previous practice, it is expected to last for one week.

Back in the time when the 19th National Chinese Communist Party Congress was held on October 18, 2017, Beijing authorities also used various measures in the city to ensure the Congress proceeded as planned.
As Hong Kong FP reported, shops were required to stop selling knives, cutters, and scissors during the Congress. Meanwhile, several restaurants were ordered to stop using gas for cooking.

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