Recently, the story of a truck driver who was forced to quarantine when he disembarked his truck to go to the toilet became a hot topic on Chinese social networks.

The truck driver, a 50-year-old man, drove to the junction of Hancheng and Hejin, Shanxi Province. Because of sudden stomach discomfort, he stopped his truck in the service area and ran to the bathroom to use the toilet.

When the driver came out of the toilet and was ready to leave, several epidemic prevention officers suddenly arrived to stop him and asked him to quarantine for seven days. It is worth mentioning that they ask the driver to pay 75 yuan ($10.35) per day for quarantine.

This made the driver angry, and he protested to the pandemic prevention staff.

The driver said he complied with the pandemic prevention requirements and did two nucleic acid tests. His truck was sealed for more than 10 hours, and he was required to urinate in it. But because of a stomach ache, he had to unblock the seal to get out of the car and go to the toilet. It is unreasonable to charge fees and force him to quarantine. 

According to “360 che“, the authorities of Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province responded that the local pandemic prevention regulations required that the driver be quarantined if the car seal was removed during the journey, “The driver said he went to the toilet. This can’t be verified.”

The driver’s story quickly went viral on social media. The truck driver’s encounter also aroused sympathy from netizens. Some netizens lamented that “even the dignity of being human is almost gone.” Another person commented, “In order to keep the “hat,” the leaders of some regions are about to go crazy.”

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