On December 7, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) suddenly announced ten new pandemic prevention measures to replace the measures based on the lockdown and strict control of its zero-covid policy.

In essence, according to observers, these ten new measures are considered an act of abandoning the extreme zero-covid policy that the CCP has pursued for the past three years.

However, CPP’s sudden abandonment of the zero-covid policy has caused a strong outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic across China, leading people to continue to suffer heavy losses of lives.

On December 26, after more than half a month of abandoning the policy, Xi Jinping spoke out for the first time about Covid-19, pointing out that pandemic prevention and control are facing challenges with new situations and new tasks.

Xi asked to ensure the safety of people’s lives. This request shows that the Covid-19 situation in China is, in fact, very bad, as assessed based on sources of reports and experts in recent days.

According to Vision Times, after Xi gave instructions, the Chinese Communist Party’s government has not yet proposed any new specific countermeasures against the escalating pandemic situation.

Up to now, the official death toll from Covid-19 in China is still at more than 5,000 people. There was nearly no change compared to three years ago.

Vision Times commented that this number had become a joke with the international media and pandemic researchers.

Based on real sources and data, recent consecutive reports indicate that the number of deaths due to Covid in China is so high that morgues and crematoriums in China have been overwhelmed for days.

Li Chengpeng, a popular news commentator in China, wrote on Twitter that three years ago, around Christmas, people never imagined that Wuhan would fall into disaster in the next few days and the crematorium would pile up corpses.

And now people can’t even imagine that after three years, this Christmas season, crematoriums in the capital Beijing burn bodies all night, and the ground is full of corpses waiting for cremation.
It can be seen from Li’s comment that, after much effort, with the so-called “three-year anti-pandemic achievement” as praised by the People’s Daily, the CCP was unable to change anything. The situation is even worse. That means CCP brought the Chinese from this disaster to another.

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