After a surge in COVID cases, some areas in Lanzhou city, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, were put under lockdown for seven days starting July 11. The so-called ‘temporary control’ has lasted for nearly half a month. Since then, Lanzhou netizens have complained about the food shortages. Some even found it difficult to access basic essentials.

According to CCTV News, on the 17th, the Health Commission of Lanzhou City decided to extend the temporary control for some areas to the end of July 24th.

Some Lanzhou citizens wondered when this temporary control would end.

On July 19, the topic “it is difficult to buy vegetables” in Lanzhou aroused local netizens’ attention.

A screenshot of Douyin shows that the Lanzhou authorities have begun to close the Chengguan vegetable market.

Another Lanzhou netizen also complained: Lanzhou can’t even buy vegetables, and various platforms are either out of stock or at sky-high prices.

Several other netizens called on the party media to pay attention to the situation in Lanzhou.

One wrote that he had eaten whitebread and bread for four days. He said he couldn’t even buy instant noodles.

Lanzhou authorities didn’t respond to netizens’ complaints. However, at the epidemic press conference on July 19, the officials said that they would guarantee market demand, transporting vegetables and other materials in various ways. In addition to enforcing stabilized prices, they also investigated and punished a number of violations of price laws and regulations.

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