A few days ago, several videos from locals in Dongxing, Guǎngxī went viral on Weibo, a popular social media platform. They exposed that this city had been on lockdown for half a year, and they could no longer bear it.

On June 5, video footage shows a woman standing on a motorcycle at a testing point. She stated that this area had been isolated for about six months and that they had followed the government’s orders to the letter from the start. No one has fled since the bamboo walls were first erected. Dongxing city has a border with Vietnam, and residents even assist authorities in guarding the border in exchange for rewards.

In a live streaming video, waves of people went to protest against the lockdown and daily nucleic testing at the same testing point as the woman. Police officers rushed toward the place to subdue the protestors.

A netizen also posted on her Weibo that her family in Dongxing said all the non-native residents have moved to other places. Since February this year, the income of families in Dongxing has been stagnant, and they are unable to take care of their essential needs.

Her post quickly attracted a lot of attention. One of the commenters advised her to trust the government and the Party. The netizen wrote that they had never seen a case of starvation due to isolation and that she should not spread rumors. This comment outraged the poster.

However, another point of view advised the girl to leave Dongxing when the opportunity came. The person told her to leave the place once the lockdown was lifted and said that it’s pointless to blame others and even more pointless to expect the virus to disappear.

The original poster claimed that she loved Dongxing, but she said it would be hard to love it after this incident.

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