The weeks-long lockdown in Shanghai has nearly tested residents’ patience to the limit. As more exhausting as it could become, the frustration is far from gone when the city slowly reopens.

Since May 15, a massive flood of people has departed Shanghai. That includes students, who were finally able to return to their hometown after the strenuous weeks of isolation.

A Youtube video on May 17 shows a group of students was asked to quarantine in Changsha city, Hunan province while transiting at a subway station. They were Shanghai college students, whose final destination was in Sichuan province.

Due to pandemic procedures, the students had to have a 24-hour COVID-negative certificate before embarking on the trip.

The students questioned the local authorities in Changsha for taking advantage of their lack of social experience and tricking them into leaving the station for isolation. They were required to stay in a local hotel and pay for the nights spent there.

In the video, the students ask the staff to bring out the leaders who can clearly explain why they were keeping them there.

But the staff ignored the students’ requests, and only a line of police stood by behind the hazmat-suited personnel.

The students accused the white-clothed staff of breaking their word and doing everything possible to keep them in the quarantine site.

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