Chinese leader Xi Jinping has just recently claimed his role as the Party chief for an unprecedented third term. The Chinese Communist Party’s Seventh Standing Committee was also announced for the first time on Sunday, October 23.

After the news broke, the Chinese internet was overwhelmed with pessimism, and “ending” suddenly became a top word on Weibo. 

“It seems to be over.” 

“It ‘s over, there’s no help, just run if you can.” 

“One night back to the last century.”

Soon, the word “ending” was censored off Weibo—one of China’s top social media.

Why is it so?

 On October 24, Liberty Times posted an opinion piece of Hu Wenhui. The story describes the new Standing Committee as “Xi Jinping and his six dwarfs.” The piece insists that “One-party dictatorship” leads to “one-man dictatorship” every single time. It also noted that the so-called CCP limits, such as seven ups and downs and two ten-year periods, have all broken down under Xi Jinping’s rule.

In the Chinese internet forum, someone wrote that after the 20th Congress of the Nation, the Communist Party is only pretty on the outside. All opposition is gone. All processes and rules for compromise, balance, and checks and balances have been broken, and none of them work anymore. The CCP has crumbled.

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