South China Morning Post reported on November 6 that a woman in China stirred a public discussion when she enveloped herself in a big plastic bag before eating a banana on a subway train on Halloween. 

Wang took the video and said, “The protection like this is related to some sporadic coronavirus outbreaks across Wuhan.”

The video showed the woman eating a banana before putting the banana peel into a travel-sized plastic bag.

A woman beside her appeared to be focused on playing with her phone while a man sitting opposite was leaning against a handrail and taking a nap.

The incident gave rise to many comments online.

One person wrote on Douyin, “Is she unaware that people cannot eat on the subway? Her behaviour would be despised by anyone.”

Another user commented, “Is this a person doing a performance art project? I cannot figure out why she wore such a large plastic bag.”

But many people speculated that she may have had a medical condition.

A third person said, “I think she was experiencing low blood sugar. She put herself in the plastic bag and ate a banana inside it, so she wouldn’t affect other people. I give her two thumbs up.” 

The Wuhan-based news outlet Jimu News said life requires people to have a heart.

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